Accomodating policy

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Additionally, product packaging must be in French, though, again, translation in multiple languages can be provided.

A similar restriction—though implemented by primary legislation regulations and not as application of the Loi Toubon—applies to product labeling: product labels should be intelligible and in French, though additional languages may be present.

Since the official language of France is French, it follows that the French public should be able to get official information in French.

This season will also include a girls team at Under 12 age.Weddings "The Best Wedding Locations in Newport Beach" A Wedding and Reception aboard one of our yachts is an exceptionally private and elegant event, that very few have the opportunity to experience, cherish and remember.Welcome to the website of Bellevue Chapel, an independent evangelical church in Edinburgh.For example, in 2006 a French subsidiary of a US company was given a hefty fine for delivering certain highly technical documents and software interfaces to its employees in the English language only, and this was upheld by the appellate court.Another broad provision of the law is that it makes it mandatory for commercial advertisements and public announcements to be given in French.

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