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For defensive linemen trying to sack Kansas City Chiefs' quarterbacks in the mid 1990's, it had to be disheartening to have to get past a gigantic guard named Will Shields.

Shields' name implied he was good at blocking opponents, and that he was.

Plain old chat rooms where all you do is type and exchange text messages can get pretty boring!

Luckily for you, in this entertaining chat you can meet interesting people while having fun listening to the latest music hits and albums by your favorite musicians. Our chat let's other chatters hear you sing or play using your web cam or mic.

Best of all you never need to download any files to listen to music in this chat room. Now you can upload your own You Tube videos and post it in the chat for everyone chatting to see.

In 2009, when Susan Clements-Jeffrey purchased a used laptop from a student at the high school where she substitute taught, chances are she didn’t expect that the transaction would conclude with local police in her living room, laughing at her and calling her "stupid" while showing her explicit pictures of herself taken from her computer.

We’ve collected thousands of popular boy's names, their meanings, and origins for you to find the right one.

Below are the 100 most popular boy names, but we have so many more collections to choose from.

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On a constitutional and procedural level, we should require that law enforcement hacking include automatic transparency, ban government webcam hacking, and be exacting in applying the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirements.Recent reports confirm hundreds of thousands of computers infected in 2014 by only a single type of RAT, with the actual number of infections across years and technology far, far higher.School districts have used RATs to spy on students in their bedrooms; rent-to-own computer stores have secretly watched their customers.The Department of Justice, for its part, expended considerable effort in 2014 making vague arguments in support of expansions in Federal Bureau of Investigation ability to use malware, like RATs, for domestic law enforcement.There's a real threat of being watched and recorded where you live, and without your knowledge or consent.

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