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While the club only provided one player to the German team in 2008, Rolf Wacha, it was expected that Frankfurt's professional approach to rugby was going to improve this situation; great progress has been made in the youth département of the club in this regard.

In the 2009–10 season, Frankfurt took out the minor premiership once more, for a fourth time in a row, but lost the final in extra time to Heidelberger RK.

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The team nevertheless continued in 2008–09 as it had finished the previous season, dominating the league and finishing on top, with 14 wins and two losses, while its reserve side won the 2nd Bundesliga South/West title.

Upon return to the Bundesliga, the club performed impressively, finishing the 2006–07 season with twelve wins, one draw and one loss on top of the table.

In the final however, played at home, the team slipped up and lost to the RG Heidelberg 15–23.

With the help of foreign players and coaches, the fortunes of the club turned after this.

A large part of the success of the club hails from the financial support of Uli Byszio, a former player, who led the way in professionalising the club.

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